Plants, art, decor & design

Many of us find inspiration and relaxation from nature, so when we miss that walk in the forest or park, we want to bring some of that into our home by means of living plants and along with them the beautiful qualities of natural life, clean air, harmony and calmness. Botanically is a unique website that provides simple on-hand information on indoor plants, art, decor and design which will encourage you to create nature-inspired spaces in and around your home.

Your ideas in a masterpiece

Did you find that creating your mood-board with many great ideas, you still can’t place everything into a single design? Or you know what you want but don’t know how to begin piecing it all together? This is where I come in and make your life easier for you. A little like a wedding… oops, I mean plant-planner. I will combine your ideas and recreate your masterpiece into a reality. From designing a unique garden or wanting that perfect floral photo painted by one of my featured artists, it is all possible, and more…

The right solution within your budget

We guarantee quality and friendly service, listening closely to your ideas and finding the right solution within your budget. Follow my blog and find out more.


  • personal plant shopper and stylist for your home, shop or office

  • unique, hand-drawn garden ideas & designs
  • commissioning and sale of botanically-inspired art from carefully selected artists

  • personal plant shopping (available soon)

  • vacation plant-sitting (t&c apply)
  • webshop (in the making)


“I am the student and plants are my teachers”
Ryan Godfrey – botanicallyspeaking