Plant Trap

Published On: February 7, 2021|

I may be giving away my age here, but a long time ago there was a movie called “A little Shop of Horrors” and it was about a very sweet little plant that grew into an enormous ‘Delicious meat-eating Monster’… now I wouldn’t say this would be a success story for my blog, and I know that Plant Influencers are going to wish me all kinds of pests… but it does make me think of how obsessive we can become as humans and end up paying outrageous prices for one plant type, whereas another plant in the same category and with a different leaf pattern or shape costs a fraction of the price.

So, are we blindly following trends or are we so gullible that influencers can persuade us to depart with our hard-earned money? The answer is yes… but the change lies only within us.

Tip: If you like the ‘look’ of a plant… google the same plant-family name, like the Anthurium and see if you can find a similar plant for less money… Now that could become a new plant ‘sport’ – happy googling…

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