Yola Quinn

Yola Quinn

Yola was born in 1972 in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, and grew up surrounded by a family of artists. Her childhood was spent mostly outdoors in nature that established a deep admiration for wildlife and the environment which continues to influence her life and work to date. After completing a Fine Art Diploma at Natal Technikon in 1994, (achieving distinctions in painting and ceramics) Yola has lived and painted in Natal Midlands, the UK, Cape Town and presently resides and works from her home in Maun, Botswana.
Yola’s paintings capture a glimpse of the intangible and the imperceptible. Utilizing traditional old masters’ techniques of glazing in oils by applying layers of fine washes of paint. Yola blurs realism with abstraction to create ethereal and evocative dream-like images. Her inspiration is continually drawn from life experiences and the beauty of the surrounding world. Her portfolio includes an extensive range of themes reflecting her own journey and exploration through the painted image. Present projects include new works inspired by the wilderness of Botswana where she teaches painting and offering an ‘Art on Safari’ experience.

“The Okavango Delta offers a window to another world, one that is vanishing and changing rapidly… to capture this world through my work is both a great privilege and joy” – Yola Quinn

Exhibitions in Africa and United Kingdom
2009 – Kendrick Street Gallery, Stroud, UK – Winning “The Best on Show Category”, North of Wall
2009 – Kendrick Street Gallery, Stroud, UK – Open Art Competition
2018 – “A Winter Life Exhibition” Cape Town – Winning the “Publics Choice Award” & one of the winning artists of the show.
2019 – A Solo Exhibition, Cape Town
2019 – Eco Awards Exhibition – Raising awareness for conservation efforts

Yola’s artwork is currently featured by the Studio Art Gallery in Simons Town, South Africa


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“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”
William Wordsworth