Aeschynanthus longicaulis

  • Aka: Marmoratus Lipstick plant
  • Origin: Burma, Thailand, Malaysia
  • Family: Gesneriaceae
  • Temperature: 24 - 28°C, Hardiness 11-12. Humidity: 30-50%

Also known as the Marmoratus, this is a lovely trailing plant with elongated patterned leaves with deep red/purple lines and underneath the leaves. Clusters of bright red flower emerge from its sepals like a red protruding lipstick, hence the common name. Requires lots of bright light, well-draining succulent soil, moist soil and rather a little dry than wet. Needs 4-5 hours of bright light in order to bloom, south or west facing window with sheer curtain in between. Prune back by cutting directly above a leaf after flowering to promote new growth and by removing 2-4 leaves from the stem, these can be placed in water to root or dipping the stem in rooting hormone and placing into moist succulent soil. Use diluted liquid or slow-release fertiliser every 2-3 weeks during spring to mid-summer. Prone to root rot and fugus resulting in yellowing, of if left dry too long the leaves will start dropping off.

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