Epipremnun enon pothos

Epipremnum neon pothos

  • Aka: scindapsus lime, golden pothos
  • Origin: Central America- toxic
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 18 - 25°C, Hardiness: 9-11 Humidity 50-80%

This easy creeping plant has bright lemon green, almost neon lime leaves that are sturdy and waxy, not to be confused with the thin-leaved Philodendron lemon and lime.

Needs medium to bright filtered light and high humidity to ensure healthy leaves and cannot tolerate hard water. Although the soil can dry out by up to 50 % before watering, never allow it to completely dry out, as the roots and leaves will dry out turn yellow and not recover. Well-draining substrate mix will prevent water-logged roots. Feed with liquid fertilizer twice a month during the growing season. Propagate by stem cuttings with a leaf or two and a node to root in water

Prone to spider mite and thrips.

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