Asplenium nidus

Asplenium nidus

  • Aka: birds nest fern
  • Origin: Southern Asia, Australia, Eastern Africa, Polynesia, Hawaii
  • Family: Aspleniaceae
  • Temperature: 17-22 °C, Hardiness: 8-10 Humidity: 70-80%

Bright green, sturdy and broad-leaf fern fronds that curl out from the centre and the nidus variety has frilly edges and australasicum fern not. Likes bright indirect light with moist soil and relative humidity.

Do not let the soil dry out and do not let water sit the centre rosette as this may cause root-rot. Weak, diluted liquid fertilizer can be applied around the root area in spring and mid-summer only. Over fertilization may cause chemical burn on the leaves. Propagation is mostly done by spores layered in sphagnum moss and kept sterile and moist.

Prone to root-rot, fungus and scale.

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