Homalomena rubescens maggy

Homalomena rubescens maggy

  • Aka: queen of hearts, shield plant
  • Origin: Costa Rica, Columbia, South East Asia - toxic
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 16-32°C, Hardiness: 8-12 Humidity: 60-70%

Similar to its sister the philodendron, the queen of hearts has large broad, heart-shaped leaves and striking red stems this is fast becoming a much-loved plant among aroid-loving parents. It has a soft anise fragrance, and the spathe flowers are quite large, greenish and often hidden amongst the leaves.

Reasonably easy care, disease resistant and tolerates medium light (direct sun will scorch the thin leaves and result in burn spots.). The soil should be consistently moist and a little drier top soil with good drainage… not waterlogged. Dry soil and cold will turn the leaves yellow and low humidity will cause dry edges on the leaves. Feed with liquid fertilizer. Propagation is done by splitting the older rhizomes.

Prone to root rot.

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