Aglaonema mary ann

  • Aka: Chinese evergreen
  • Origin: South East Asia - relatively poisonous
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 16 - 26°C, Hardiness: 10-11, Humidity: 60-80 %

Distinct lance-shaped leaves with broad green and silver-green markings. The soil type should be well draining, rich, loose soil with a good mix of perlite, orchid mix and peat or coir. It is imperative that it drains immediately with smaller more frequent watering rather than allowing the soil to dry out. Do not allow the roots or pot to stand in water. Likes a warm place and may tolerate less light as this is a slow growing plant, but if it receives too much or too little light it can adapt its variegation, generally speaking more darker green the leaves have, the less bright light it will need for photosynthesis. Keep the humidity high by placing on a pebble tray. Feed with liquid fertiliser recommended strength. Propagate by root division and at least one node. Prone to draughts, under/over watering, root-rot and mealybugs.

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