Begonia Maculata

Begonia maculata

  • Aka: begonia polka dot
  • Origin: Brazil - toxic
  • Family: Bergoniaceae
  • Temperature: 16-22 °C, Hardiness: 6-9 Humidity: 55-80%

There are over 1800 types of begonias and even more hybrids covering 4 types: fibrous, tuberous, canes and rhizomatous. The maculata forms rhizomes and has dark green elongated angel-wing shaped leaves speckled with big silvery dots. They enjoy bright indirect light and high humidity but not wet leaves as they are prone to powdery mildew. Flowers are clusters of light pink/purple flowers from April to July. Soil should be well-draining organic soil. Water when the top 4cm of the soil is a little dry but not to let the leaves wilt or dry out. Do not overwater, rather water thoroughly letting the filtered water run through the pot or if very dry, let sit in water for 15 minutes. Feed with liquid fertiliser high in nitrogen. Snipping off flowers will put  energy into the foliage. Prone to overwatering, spider-mite, mildew.

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