Parthenocissus striata

Parthenocissus striata

  • Aka: sugar grape vine
  • Origin: North America, East Asia, Australia
  • Family: Wingerd (grape vine
  • Temperature: 10-25°C, Hardiness: 7-11 Humidity: 40-60%

This creeping vine with its 5-leaved grape-leaves make an easy, beautiful and graceful plant to hang close to a bright window. The name of sugar grape comes from sugar-like granules that form on the edges of its leaves, possibly keeping insects at bay.

It is does not require too much attention and as the leaves show signs of wilting, water thoroughly, but allow the water to drain through without standing in water. Feed with half strength liquid fertilizer every second month during the growing season. Does well outside in some early morning sun which will give the leaves a red tinge to the edges. Propagate by looping an uncut vine and pressing the nodes into the soil and keep the soil relatively moist for the first few weeks.

Prone to root rot.

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