Peperomia verticillata

Peperomia verticillata

  • Aka: pepper red log
  • Origin: South America – non-toxic
  • Family: Piperaceae (perciliata)
  • Temperature: 18-24°C, Hardiness: 10-11 Humidity: 40-60%

This peperomia is one of the few houseplant peppervarieties that have vertical stems. The leaves are a deep olive-green while the underside and stems are deep red. Peperomia flowers are generally all panicle spike-like flowers (often called ‘rat’s tails’’) and can be cut off if the leaves suffer from less nutrients during flowering.

It does not require bright light to thrive although will grow faster with more light with medium to high humidity. Like all peperomias, the soil should be fast draining and allow to dry out between watering from the bottom only to prevent stem rot. Feed with weak liquid fertiliser the day after watering. Propagate from a cutting and root either in water or directly into soil.

Prone to stem and root rot.

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