Begonia beleef maori haze

Begonia beleaf maori haze

  • Aka: painted leaf begonia
  • Origin: South America, Africa - toxic
  • Family: Bergoniaceae - hybid
  • Temperature: 18-26 °C, Hardiness: 12 Humidity: 70-90%

Striking pale olive-grey and pink coloured leaves, with dark veins. Likes a bright filtered light but no direct sun and enjoys high humidity but not wet leaves, so use a pebble tray. They do not like wet or soggy roots so rather let the soil dry out before a thorough watering and not to let the pot stand in water unless the soil is a very dry, then only for maximum 10 minutes. Overwatering will cause the cells in the roots to burst and the leaves drop and rot.

Gently pull off any old leaves to stimulate new growth. In winter, remove all dead leaves and store, repot in new soil early spring and wait for the rhizomes to sprout new growth.

Prone to overwatering, mealybugs and mildew

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