Bromeliad guamania

Bromeliad guzmania

  • Aka: bromeliad
  • Origin: South America tropics, West Africa
  • Family: Bromeliaceae
  • Temperature: 15-27°C, Hardiness: 6-11 Humidity: 50-70%

Bromeliads have thick leaves growing from an open rosette centre and grow best in orchid soil or sphagnum moss as they are part of the epiphytic family (air plants) and soften grow in crevices of tree’s branches in a moist and shady environment of bright to filtered light. They prefer high humidity and lots of free-flowing air around them as they are prone to mould. If you water in the rosette where it naturally catches rainwater, empty out the excess water after an hour to prevent core and root rot, allow to dry before full drenching again.

Fertilise by spraying weak orchid food or liquid seaweed onto the soil in early spring. Their long-lasting flowers are often just extended leaves in a different colour know as monocot flowers. Propagation is done by separating the ‘pups’ (baby bromeliads) from the base of the plant as the mother plant will often die after flowering and placing them in sphagnum moss.

Prone to root or core rot or underwatering.

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