Calathea orbifolia

Calathea orbifolia

  • Aka: calathea orb, geoppertia
  • Origin: Brazil, Bolivia – non-toxic
  • Family: Marantaceae
  • Temperature: 18-24 °C, Hardiness: 11- 12, Humidity: 70-90%

This calathea has one of the largest foliage with bright green, large oval and patterned leaves and the underneath has a light silvery colour. This calathea likes medium to bright filtered light, but if too bright, will cause the veins and pattern lose their colour and the leaves to curl.

Well-draining soil mixed with good portions with of coconut coir and perlite. It does not like hard water, so flush the soil through to remove any calcium build-up when necessary. Do not allow the soil to dry out at all, consistently moist soil but never allow to sit in water. Clean the leaves of dust with a soft cloth or shower regularly and enjoys sitting on a pebble tray. Feed with a half strength nitrogen-rich fertilizer for a greener foliage. Pot only when root bound. Propagation by dividing the rhizomes but can be sensitive to these changes and may take a bit long to recover.

Prone to draughts, root-rot, leaf spot, powdery mildew, mealy bugs and thrips.

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