Anthurium Clarinervium

Anthurium clarinervium

  • Aka: cardboard anthurium, velvet anthurium
  • Origin: Mexico - toxic
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 12 – 23 °C, Hardiness: 10-12 Humidity: 70-90%

This anthurium grows naturally as an epiphyte that grows independently attaching itself against trees or in between branches. Its exotic leaves are thick in structure, a dark velvety green and have distinct lighter veins which give an almost artificial look. The small spadix (leaf-like) flowers grow on ling spindly stems and are small and velvety.

It loves humidity but not wet, and soggy roots, so do not let it stand in water. The leaves love high humidity but allow the soil to dry a little before watering. This plant does not like direct sunlight or too close to a hot window with full sun, neither does it like cold rooms or draughts but needs good ventilation. A good plant for the green-house or propagation room.

Soil should be well-draining with perlite or orchid mix or peat mix. Fertilise during its growing season at half strength once a month. Clean the leaves with a very soft natural feather duster or wipe down gently with a little diluted horticulture soap.

Prone to root rot, spider-mites and mealybugs

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