Begonia Rex scarlet king

Begonia rex scarlet king

  • Aka: begonia rex
  • Origin: India, China, Himalaya - toxic
  • Family: Bergoniaceae
  • Temperature: 18-22 °C, Hardiness: 7-10 Humidity: 60-80%

Mature leaves are deep velvety red while the younger leaves are a light pinkie silver colour. They need 2-3 hours of bright indirect light with average to high humidity. Do not mist as they do not like wet leaves and are prone to powdery mildew.

Soil should be well-draining organic soil and water only on demand when leaves just start drooping or the top of the soil is dry. Do not let the leaves wilt or dry out. Do not overwater or let sit in water at all as the plant cells will burst and the plant will die. Rather water thoroughly letting the filtered or distilled water run through the pot. Feed with liquid fertiliser high in nitrogen.

Snipping off flowers with put the energy into the foliage. Some Begonia rex varieties lose their leaves during winter, but with care, the rhizomes will revive in springtime.

Prone to overwatering, mealybugs, mildew

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