Hoya Kerri

Hoya kerrii sweatheart

  • Aka: hoya heart, sweetheart plant, wax flower
  • Origin: Eastern Asia, Australia – non-toxic
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Temperature: 17-27 °C, Hardiness: 10-12 Humidity: 50-60%

This succulent is one of the slowest growing hoyas, with its thick heart-shaped leaves that grow best in bright filtered light. The single leaf cutting it is a popular gift for Valentine’s Day but rarely sprouts to grow into a plant as they normally do not have any root nodes.

It is relatively drought tolerant and therefore prone to root rot and mould due to its slow growing properties and low water requirements. As an epiphyte, it does not like to be re-potted, so unless absolutely necessary, use a small pot and well-draining soil with orchid bark and perlite. Let the soil dry our completely before watering thoroughly and draining excess water. The flowers are white with deep red centres and bloom in the warm summer months. Feed with weak liquid fertiliser during the summer months. The variegated kerrii needs brighter light and is slower growing than the all-green variety.

Prone to mealybugs, root rot and mould.

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