Anthurium spathiphyllum

Anthurium spathiphyllum

  • Aka: peace lily, spaths
  • Origin: Colombia, Ecuador – toxic
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 15 – 25 °C, Hardiness: 9-12 Humidity: 60-80%

Lovely dark green soft arching leaves with long graceful, long-lasting white flowers, loves warm, bright filtered sunlight and high humidity. If your peace lily is not flowering or has green flowers, move it to a brighter area.

Likes moist soil well-draining soil but don’t overwater, the leaves will start drooping when she needs more water, but continual drooping takes its toll on the plant so keep track of your watering schedule. If they wilt too quickly, it may be best to repot. After flowering, cut off the dead flower which will promote new flowers growth. Requires no rest period during winter months and soil should be kept moist.

Prone to cold and root-rot.

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