Aglaonema pictum tricolor

  • Aka: Chinese evergreen
  • Origin: Sumatra, Asia – relatively poisonous
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 16- 26°C, Hardiness:10-11, Humidity: 60 – 85 %

A rare and strikingly beautiful hybrid with a 3 colour ‘camouflage’ patterned oval-shaped leaves. Soil type should be well draining, rich, loose soil with a good mix of perlite or orchid mix and peat or coir. It should drain quickly with smaller more frequent watering rather than allowing the soil to dry out. Do not allow the roots or pot to stand in water. It can grow in lower light conditions, but prefers medium or filtered light, especially the variegated variety in order to enhance its variegation. Keep the humidity high by placing on a pebble tray and / or misting. Feed with liquid fertiliser. Propagate by root division and at least one node. Prone to under/over watering, root-rot, mealybugs.

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