Hoya crimson princess

Hoya carnosa krimson princess

  • Aka: hoya carnosa tricolour, wax flower
  • Origin: Eastern Asia, Australia – non-toxic
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Temperature: 17-27 °C, Hardiness: 11-12 Humidity: 50-80%

This hoya princess, a.k.a. Hoya carnosa tricolour or Hoya carnosa rubra is not to be confused with the krimson queen or the round-leaved australis lisa. This variegated hoya carnosa grows slowly, has pink stems, thick elongated leaves with green edges, a pink to white centre and pointed tips. The pink clusters of flowers smell like chocolate.

Needs bright filtered light. (Direct sun will cause red dry spots on leaves and less light will produce less flowers). The thick waxy leaves can store more water and therefore tolerate drier soil between watering, but with soggy soil, the leaves will absorb too much water, turn yellow and drop off. Feed with weak liquid fertilizer every 30-40 days during the growing period. Soil must be well-draining mixed with perlite and orchid bark.

Prone to root rot, mealybugs.

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