Peperomia prostrata

Peperomia prostrata

  • Aka: string of turtles
  • Origin: South America, Brazil – non-toxic
  • Family: Piperaceae
  • Temperature: 18-24°C, Hardiness: 10-11 Humidity: 40-70%

A delicate trailing succulent with small bright green button-like leaves with a darker green pattern that resembles the shell of a turtle. Spike-like flowers protrude from the stems throughout the year and can be cut off or left on.

As with all succulents, they prefer lots of bright light with a very well-draining cactus soil and a shallow pot and although have a shallow root system, prefer a drier soil before watering from the bottom or water 1/6th of the pot volume in water. Never let the pot stand in water. High and warm humidity gives larger leaves. Propagation is done best by placing a stem cutting in sphagnum moss or directly into the soil.

Prone to root and trail rot

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