Ficus benjamina

Ficus benjamina

  • Aka: Ficus lime, weeping fig
  • Origin: India, china, Australia - toxic
  • Family: Moraceae
  • Temperature: 15-28 °C, Hardiness: 9-10 Humidity: 40-60%

The Ficus Benjamina can grow indoors up to 2-3 meters and because this plant is an evergreen and prefers to be left on its own a bit, it is a popular plant in business’s and office spaces. If it is overwatered, underwatered, moved around or the light is too low it will start dropping of its shiny green leaves.

Although it can survive in indirect light, it prefers bright to early morning sunrays and grows under florescent lights. Don’t water with cold water but water at room temperature. Likes to have the top ¼ of the topsoil dry before watering and lots of room temperature filtered water making sure it drains completely (not to sit in water for longer than 20 min). The ficus benjamina likes average humidity and fed with liquid fertilizer every 6 weeks during growing period.

Prone to draughts, cold places and heaters.

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