Hoya bella

Hoya lanceolata bella

  • Aka: wax flower, wax vine, Hoya bella
  • Origin: Burma - non-toxic
  • Family: Apocynaceae
  • Temperature: 18-25°C, Hardiness: 11-12 Humidity: 40-60%

As with all hoyas, they are epiphytic plants and therefore prone to root rot if the soil becomes waterlogged. This hoya is a fast grower and has long thin spear-shaped leaves that grow on long elegant hanging stems.

Likes a bright place and early morning sun and prefers chunky light soil with a perlite and orchid bark mix and allow the soil to dry a little between watering. The flowering season from is from May to August and has clusters (umbels) of sweetly scented white and pink star-shaped flowers. Do not rotate the plant, otherwise the flowers may drop off. When repotting, use smaller shallower pots as the hoya likes to be a little rootbound and will flower more easily. Propagation is done by cuttings rooted in water or dipped in rooting powder and placed in propagation soil (cactus soil).

Prone to mealybugs and root rot.

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