Aglaonema silver queen

  • Aka: Chinese evergreen
  • Origin: Asia, New Guinea - relatively poisonous
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 16-26°C, Hardiness: 10-11, Humidity: 60 – 80 %

Distinct lance-shaped leaves with alternating green and silver stripes. Soil type should be well draining, rich, loose soil with a good mix of perlite, orchid mix and peat. It is imperative that it drains immediately with smaller more frequent watering rather than allowing the soil to dry out. Don’t let the plant stand in water for longer than 10 min. Likes medium filtered light but the lighter the variegation, the more light it will need to keep the variegation. Keep the humidity high by placing on a pebble tray and / or mist in the mornings. Feed with liquid fertilizer recommended strength. Propagate by root division with at least one node and 2-3 leaves. Prone to under/over watering, root-rot and mealybugs.

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