Monstera deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa variegata

  • Aka: swiss cheese plant, mexican breadfruit
  • Origin: South Mexico, - toxic leaves
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: 18 - 30°C, Hardiness: 9-11 Humidity 60-70%

This beautiful plant with its large dark green shiny fenestrated leaves (holes and slit edges) resembling swiss cheese, make this a popular plant especially the variegated varieties; thai constellation, half-moon and full moon. This epiphyte climbs up trees using its aerial roots as anchors. Outdoors and in the wild, it produces maize-like flowers that are edible only when very ripe, however the rest of the plant is poisonous.

This easy plant likes lots of bright indirect light (direct sun will burn the foliage) and high humidity for the leaves and aerial roots but allow the topsoil to dry out before watering thoroughly. Shower the plant or cleaning the leaves will promote healthy photosynthesis and help prevent pests. As epiphyte, do not repot too quickly and only into a pot one size larger using nutrient-rich well-draining soil with vermiculite, coco fibre or perlite. Propagate by stem cuttings with 2-3 leaves and aerial roots or nodes.

Prone to spider mites, yellowing/browning or dry edges of leaves, low humidity and inconsistent watering.

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