Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus

  • Aka: string of pearls, string of peas
  • Origin: South Africa – toxic
  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Temperature: 17 - 25°C, Hardiness: 11 - 12 Humidity: 50-70%

A pretty trailing succulent-type plant which is part of the daisy family and has round pea-like buds that grows as groundcover under trees and in springtime has tiny daisy-like white flowers.

They love bright filtered light and can tolerate 1-2 hours of morning or very late afternoon sunlight. Plant in cactus soil mix in a shallow pot, ensuring the peas get lots of air-flow. Healthy peas are round and plump while under-watered peas will be elongated and withered, and if the soil is soggy the peas will be small and sparse and begin rotting. Pierce the soil regularly to aerate it, let it dry out before thoroughly watering and allowing to drain. Propagate by slightly pressing down a cutting onto the soil or removing a few peas and placing the stem end into soil and mist lightly. Fertilise, with weak liquid fertilizer in spring to mid-summer.

Prone to mealybugs, cold draughts and incorrect watering.

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“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”
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