Medinilla magnifica

Medinilla magnifica

  • Aka: rose grape, phillippine orchid
  • Origin: Phillippines – non-toxic
  • Family: Melastomataceae
  • Temperature: 16-22°C, Hardiness: 11-12 Humidity: 80-90%

This epiphyte has large oval, dark glossy green leaves with very large pink hanging blooms (panicles) that can grow up to 3 meters so needs height and space to show off and often needs supports for the new growth and flowers.

This plant loves a bright sunny place with lots of humidity. Repotting in a mix of potting soil and vermiculite only when the pot has become too small and before budding in the early spring. Place the inside pot in a heavy decorative pot to balance the heavy blooms. The roots are sensitive to calcium so water with room temperature rainwater once the topsoil has dried out somewhat. Feed with high-phosphorus fertilizer. Prune lightly after blooming. Propagate by plant division.

Prone to root rot, over pruning, draughts and dry air.

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