Alocasia Dragon scale

Alocasia dragon scale

  • Aka: Jewel alocasia, baginda, dragon scale
  • Origin: South-East Asia
  • Family: Araceae
  • Temperature: Temperature: 16 - 27°C, Hardiness: 10-12 Humidity: 60 – 90 %

This tropical plant acquired its apt name from its leafe design and colour, it looks just like a big green dragon scale with beautiful dark green indented veins with lighter silvery-green mounds. It does not like direct sun but a warm and humid room with bright filtered light.

Soil should be a well-draining aroid mixture that does not keep the roots in a soggy mixture, so do not let the pot stand in water and allow the topsoil to slightly dry before the next watering. A green house is its perfect home. Fertilise using liquid feed high in nitrogen for dark green foliage. Propagation by root division.

Prone to root-rot and cold draughts.

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